IoT DevToolDevice

Connection String

IoT Hub Device Connection String

{{ connErr ? connErr : 'Connecting...' }}

Show MQTT over WebSockets connection options

MQTT Connection Options

Host{{ }}
Port{{ mqttConnOpts.port }}
Client ID{{ mqttConnOpts.clientId }}
Username{{ mqttConnOpts.username }}
Password{{ mqttConnOpts.password }}
Keep Alive{{ mqttConnOpts.keepAlive }}

D2C Messages

Send Device to Cloud Messages

Send messages to cloud. JSON, XML, plaintext, anything is OK.

Show MQTT over WebSockets options

D2C Messages MQTT Options

Topic{{ mqttD2COpts.topic }}
QoS{{ mqttD2COpts.qos }}

Sent Messages

{{ message.timestamp }} {{ message.payload }}

C2D Messages

Listen Cloud to Device Messages

Show MQTT over WebSockets subscription options

C2D Messages MQTT Subscription Options

Topic{{ mqttC2DOpts.topic }}
QoS{{ mqttC2DOpts.qos }}

Received Messages

{{ message.timestamp }} {{ message.payload }}

Direct Methods

Listen Direct Methods

Method name

Response payload, must be JSON string

Status code

Response delay in milliseconds

Show MQTT over WebSockets subscription options

Direct Methods MQTT Subscription Options


Method List

Method Name Response Payload Status Code Response Delay
{{ }} {{ method.payload }} {{ method.code }} {{ method.delay }}

Called Methods

{{ method.timestamp }} {{ }} {{ method.payload }}

Device Twin

Desired Properties from Cloud

Property Name Property Value
{{ key }} {{ value }}

Reported Properties Received by Cloud

Property Name Property Value
{{ key }} {{ value }}

Send Reported Properties to Cloud

Device twin must be JSON document.